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I. Can't. Even.

Wedding planning is no joke. The stress about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, can totally make any sane person go a little nuts. There are so many things you can do to help take your mind off of things, reconnect with your fiance or your friends, and refocus your energy on something that really matters... You! Here's a few little ideas, and don't worry, there will be more!

1. If you can't step away from Pinterest, dive right in!

I get it, you love it, and so do I! I've spent countless hours making boards of recipes I'll never make, parties I'll never host, home renovations I know I'll never do. But you know what, imagination is an amazing thing! Whatever you do, don't enter the shame spiral. Don't focus on flaws or negativity that you want to fix. Just focus on things that would make you happy. Plan that dream honeymoon that maybe you might not be able to afford or attend now, but that 5 year anniversary trip isn't going to be too far away! #wanderlust

Here's a photo of my hubs and I celebrating our five year in China, a trip I NEVER thought we'd be able to take!

2. When in doubt, adorable animals to the rescue!

Who can resist a pig in rain boots, or that video of the #redpanda that gets scared of that rock? I know I can't. Jeez, I think I'm personally responsible for at least 50 of those views! Make that album, pour a glass of wine (or sparkling water with a lime! yum!) and giggle at some animals doing funny stuff.

3. Schedule date day.

Make sure to set time out for you and your bffs to hang out with one rule. NO WEDDING TALK! A lot of friendships can strain when one person gets engaged, even if the other person is dating, single, engaged, or married. Ever have that friend that just can't stop talking about what's going on in their lives and you feel totally left behind? Yeah, don't be that person. Make sure to focus on your friendship and do something that makes you both feel good. I mean, who ever said no to bottomless mimosa brunch or mani/pedis? #champagneproblems

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